7 Things You Never Knew You Could See In Sicily…

Sunset behind Mount Erice.
Sunset behind Mount Erice.



This year marks a momentous occasion, as this year it will have been a whole decade (I can barely believe it) since I first moved to Sicily. In that time I have done more things than I anticipated, seen more beauty than I thought possible, and stayed a hell of lot longer than I EVER intended.

You see, I moved to Sicily fresh out of university and attaining my TEFL certificate. I came here on a temporary 8 month contract with no intention of staying any longer.

My twenty-two year-old self was going to teach English here for eight months and then head off somewhere else. It was entirely by chance that I ended up in Sicily anyway; I wanted to go to Padua, where I spent a year of my degree studying, but somehow (and to this day I’m really not at all sure how, seeing as the job I applied for was in Padua) I was offered a job in Sicily. Anyway, I figured I could last anywhere for 8 months. So I packed up my suitcase and arrived all alone on a flight. A taxi service met me at the airport to take me to my destination, and it was there that my whirlwind delivery into Sicilian life began. Continue reading “7 Things You Never Knew You Could See In Sicily…”